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John Mills's sculpture at the southern end of the town, The Crossing, symbolises the town's industrial and maritime history through the importance of its bridges and river crossing. David Davies, W.T.Phillips, Arthur Forsdike, Cricket match between Neath Borough Police and Neath Amateur Operatic Society The Industry has been revolutionised by the introduction of the oxy-acetylene burner, which cuts through steel plating as if it were butter. Mineral water factory at Old Road, Briton Ferry, Glamorgan, for Messrs. Our Boys' Mineral Water Co.; Nov 1948 NAS JAS 2/1/2940 Garages and offices of Canal Road, Neath, Glamorgan, for Vehicle Hire and Supply Co. Ltd.; [1948] NAS JAS 2/1/2948 Shown right lit up at night before the war years (1939-1945) Discussion. Baglan and Briton Ferry Photos | Stupendous photos of Baglan RFC players and officials taken at the Evans Bevan Playing Fields at the end of the 1967/1968 season 1929 or 1939, Neath Girls' Grammar School - Old Girl's Association. Send us an enquiry. . I've visted here a few times now, and everytime I've been I have noticed . [3] He once landed at Briton Ferry. Rev Seth Joshua. British Federation of Discharged Soldiers and Sailors, Neath Section. In 1875, the French-born engineer Louis Gustave Mouchel established himself in Briton Ferry and quickly became involved in several successful enterprises. 5. With the development of railways in the second half of the 19th century, Isambard Kingdom Brunel designed Briton Ferry Dock to handle coal and other goods for the Vale of Neath Railway. [12] Following Brunel's death in 1859, Robert Brereton took over as engineer and also acted as engineer for improvements made in 1872 and 1873.[13]. 1930. Details of prices, sizes and other specifications will also be shown on the next page. 1913. [undated], Horse Tram near the Grandison, Briton Ferry. Baglan Energy Park's on-site power generation provides competitively priced electricity to businesses within the area using a combined-cycle gas turbine power plant. Harry Is there anyone who can supply me with information about this town and possibly some relatives? In 1951, as the industry began to dwindle, portions of the estate were sold to the Principality Property Co., Estateways Builders, John Oliver Watkins, the City & Provincial Housing Association, and Gwalia Land & Property Developments Ltd. 1925 incl. [28], The railway was important in the town's industrial development town, and much of the core rail infrastructure remains. Phillips, John Howells, Charlie Gibbs, Jack Phillips, Richard Owen, Ned Show more 40 photos . [undated], Harrett's Ironmonger's shop as it originally was. 1921, Neath Gas Tram conductors and drivers, before WW1. It's free to browse our vintage and retro photographs M.G.Roberts, Miss E.Roberts, J.Davies, F.W.Gibbins, G.Gethin, P.Stephens, A group of soldiers from Briton Ferry photographed in Egypt in 1916, Workers in Rheola Forest in the late 1930s, Neath Harbour high water inspection, 27 Aug 1934, Visit by the Arch. 1871. The local buses cater for local shoppers, colleges and hospitals in the Neath-Port Talbot area, while the express services are provided to reach Bridgend, Maesteg and Swansea. [9] In the late 18th and early 19th centuries, coastal shipping at Giant's Grave's wharves loaded coal for export from pits in the Neath Valley via Neath Canal and unloaded iron ore and limestone. The Public Hall, Briton Ferry, showed silent films when they first came out. In order to capture the cinema scene of years gone by, we include below some photograph found on the Internet. A plaque alongside the stone is inscribed, "When removed, it will speak but once to reveal its secret, and then remain silent forever." Produced by Photo of Briton Ferry, Giants Grave 1961, from The Francis Frith Collection. Mayor D.G.Davies, First town council of the extended borough at Gnoll, 14 July 1923. The Normans referred to the River crossing as La Brittonne[5] and During the war it had an air raid siren on its roof for the town of Briton Ferry. Cricket match featuring W.G.Grace between United S. of England's 11 players Bowen's Arms Hotel before road widening, Unveiling the War Memorial in Briton Ferry. Despite over 20 years work on the archive, these scans have still not been individually checked and may prove to be damaged, faded, or not of sufficient quality to ever be offered in our full product range. You will then see a large blue button which will enable you to choose any of our print options available for this image - framed, mounted or just a print on its own. Very early engraving of a colliery, probably at the Gnoll. Gwilym Francis. Keep, E.J.Rees. Copyright Frith Content Inc 1998-2023. So important was Briton Ferry for trade with France that Mouchel was, from 1879 to his death, French Consular Agent to Briton Ferry, Talbot, Porthcawl and Neath Abbey. It was the first cinema in the district to show the film 'Gone With The Wind' which was made in 1939. Send a personal message with a photo to anyone, anywhere. Matron), John Davies, Dan Watkins, Rev.Gwilym Francis, Charles Jenkins, 11 photo books on Briton Ferry and the surrounding area. This situation, along with a further decline in demand for its products, gradually reduced the size of the plant, and in 2004 it closed entirely. Photographs with names attached are shown with *. quoting the Frith negative number,(s) the town name and size of print you would like to buy. It had been owned by the Price family of Briton Ferry in the early 17th century until the Mansels inherited it. Website hand-made by Frith, since 1998. but if some spark good memories they are available to buy in a wide range of products, including framed prints, canvas prints and personalised photo gifts including tea towels, mugs, jigsaws, tableware, cushion covers, customised calendars. . 0 West View of Briton Ferry House. Search with an image file or link to find similar images, Search for stock images, vectors and videos. quoting the Frith negative number,(s) the town name and size of print you would like to buy. Leland in 1540 as Britanne Fery.[5]. [undated], The last horse drawn refuse cart leaves on the last round. incl. Entrance to Gnoll Grounds, Mediaeval [grinding] mortar discovered in Church Place, 1979. As early as the 1660s, primitive forges existed at Briton Ferry, later using local coal from small pits such as Price's Drift, but Briton Ferry's marine location stimulated its industrial development. flexible offerings for business. Copyright 01/05/2023 Alamy Ltd. All rights reserved. We will replace these with better copies IF any are sent to us. William Squires. Skewen can be seen in the distance. [undated], R.H.Taylor, Baker, Glynneath. W.B.Morgan, The opening of the Penrhiwtyn Infirmary, Christmas 1924 Ogley David, Morgan be available to buy, but need to be checked, optimised and updated on the website before you can place an order. Mr. This site uses cookies to improve your experience and to help show content that is more relevant to your interests. Branch was the first chair of the constituency Labour Party. Frith photos prompt happy memories of our personal history, so enjoy this trip down memory lane See more. The town is served by the Briton Ferry railway station, which is now accessed from Shelone Road. Discussion. Abbey. Rhoddfa Clarke is the name of the inclined part of the South Wales Mineral Railway, the lowest, level part of which now forms Jersey Park. Jack Williams and #1. The park has the potential to create and accommodate 7,000 jobs over the next 25 years. Phillips, Mrs. Levi James, 1901. incl. H. Rawlings, W.J.Hill, T.Cole, P.Thomas, About. J.Dovey, M.Harris, W.Williams, O.Saunders, W.Freeman, A.M.O'Brian, A.G.Holmes, 1930 incl. Briton Ferry Choral Society win the mixed choir competition at the National Public group. [undated], Neath Gas Tram from opposite the Terminus Hotel about 1915. incl. Welcome to Tree Tops, a small homely family-run guest house conveniently situated on the A474 at Briton Ferry 1.5Miles from the M4 (London-South Wales) motorway off junction 41 and within 5 minute drive of the old market town of Neath, and 15 minutes drive from . 1924, Leicester House in Glynneath 1935. Railway. Walter Sully, Morgan R. Morgan, George Jones, Mrs. Gethin, Mr. Morris, Sept 1940, Beechwood Avenue bomb disposal squad. Mayor J.W.Morgan. Camb. Thomas, A civic gathering. Maesffynon House, Glynneath served as a hospital during the First World 1909, Market Stallholders celebrating the accession of Edward VIII, C.A.Campion painting of Gnoll Volunteer troops under Col.Grenfell. 75 views Old Time Briton Ferry Firemen, c.1910 ChrisLewis 55 views Briton Ferry Fire Service attending a fire at the "Bowens" ChrisLewis 23 views View from Giants Grave, Briton Ferry ChrisLewis 7.1K members. This image is a Reference Print: works. This view of Briton Ferry from the hill which overlooks the older Bridge looking North. Copyright Frith Content Inc 1998-2023. 4.0. For Anyone. An album is a way to save a selection of Frith photos, maps and memories that are of interest to you. Ward's at Briton Ferry, Glamorgan . Municipal housing in Briton Ferry started as a result of the Housing of the Workers Act 1890 and continued as a result of 20th-century housing legislation just before and following World War II. Why are these different? C.O.Williams, W.Kingdon Owen, A.Pike, E.J.Morris. St. Mary`s church is less than 100m to the right. of Briton Ferry, [Drawing of] Neath Abbey station at the opening of the Swansea and Neath My grandfather was John Ambrose Thomas who shows up in the 1911 census. Photocopy of painting by J.W.Smith, Copy of an etching of a view in the upper reaches of the River Neath. There it remained until Louisa Barbara Mansell married George Venables Vernon in 1757. 1928, Neath RFC. Cwrt Sart Central School, winners of the Country Dancing competition at Old Cinemas in Neath & District. Copyright 01/05/2023 Alamy Ltd. All rights reserved. By using this service you agree to Events. [undated], Skewen Main Colliery No. Learn more about how you can collaborate with us. The ferry boat crossing was some 2 miles (3.2km) from the bridge across the River Neath at Neath. Events. ], and Sylvia Pankhurst. incl. Painting All these photographs are available to buy as a wide range of products, including Framed Prints in a variety of sizes and styles, Canvas, jigsaws, mugs, tea towels, cushion covers and make great gifts for relatives at Christmas, for birthdays and almost any other occasion. The Windsor cinema was the last cinema in Neath to show films. J.R.Rees, THIS SITE IS FOR EVERYONE TO SHARE SOME PHOTO'S AND KNOWLEDGE OF BRITON FERRY AND NEATH OLD AND NEW, AND SEE HOW MANY PEOPLE ON FACEBOOK FROM THIS AREAIT IS NOT TO SELL OR ADVERTISE THEIR. Civic gathering 1917. incl. Strictly for non-commercial use. Used for Bingo until September 2009 but The town encompasses the electoral wards of Briton Ferry East and Briton Ferry West. flexible offerings for business. [9] When it opened in 1861, the dock consisted of an outer tidal basin which had round-ended jetties at its mouth and quays along its sides and an inner floating dock of 5.3 hectares, enclosed by masonry walls and sandstone. Cllr. Huw Pudner and Chris Hastings, two local songwriters, wrote "Giants Grave", a song about the ship-breaking industry in Briton Ferry which was featured in the film The History of Briton Ferry by Jason May. The second road crossing was completed in 1994 to carry the London to Wales M4 motorway across the River Neath to supersede the A48. More. Many old established businesses, engaged solely in shipbreaking and the disposal of the material, have extensive yards provided with the most up-to-date equipment. Hasquencort`s Hairdressers,Neath,264, Explosives Works,Curtis & Harvey,Pontneddfechan,152, Group,"Zulu Warrior" revellers(1926),Glynneath,237, Group,Albion Steel Workers Outing,B.Ferry,203, Group,Builders at Mission Hall,Resolven,256, Group,County School Staff(1936),Neath,137, Group,Dalton Made Freeman(1946),Neath,181, Group,Female Bible Class At Ty Gwyn,Neath,243, Group,Glamorgan Councillors(1899),Neath,179, Group,Hospitalised Servicemen,Glynneath,183, Group,Male Bible Class At Ty Gwyn,Neath,242, Group,Market Stallholders(1934),Neath,182, Group,Powderworks Staff,Pontneddfechan,158, Group*,Hospital Infirmary Opening,Penrhiwtyn,177, Group*,R.F.C.Inter.School(1932),Neath,228, Group*,St.David`s Cricket(1912),Neath,261, Group*,Taylor Struve Outing(1881),Neath,173, Loco,Neath Abbey Works(1850`s),Neath Abbey,187, Mechanics Institute,Church Place,Neath,77, Public House,Farmer`s arms,Melincryddan,282, Public House,Old Lamb & Flag,Glynneath,281, Public House,The Ancient Briton,Neath,277, Public House,Working Men`s Club,Neath,288, Shop,India & China Tea Store,Glynneath,272, Tram,Horsedrawn Near Grandison,B.Ferry,205, View,Opening of Swansea & Neath railway,Neath Abbey,190, Davies,Rev Eirug,Llanbedr-Pont-Steffan,25, Firemen,Dyffryn Mansion(1932),Bryncoch,353, Firemen,Dyffryn Mansion(1932),Bryncoch,354, Group,Boy`s Fishing(Leather House),Neath,308, Group,Coedffranc Infants(1900),Skewen,149, Group,Colliery Officials(1907),Seven Sisters,210, Group,Festival of Britain(Allister St.),Neath,273, Group,Festival Of Britain(New Henry St.),Neath,277, Group,Forward Movement Chapel Cricket,Neath,305, Group,Girls County School Visit(1938),Neath,156, Group,Girls County School(1940),Neath,157, Group,Grocer`s Association(1951),Neath,343, Group,Ladies Race(Hawthorn Ave.),Neath,275, Group,Neath Inter. Giants Grave, Theo Ward Shipbreakers 1961, Download this free history of the Collection. . This was followed by the closure of the ship-breaker and steel supplier Thos. 1920, Mill workers at the Galv. Jones, Mrs Ivor Hare, Tom Lloyd, William Jones, Meth Jones, Rosser Jenkins, Later the venue became popular for amateur operatic shows. Find the perfect briton stock photo, image, vector, illustration or 360 image. Media. Copyright Frith Content Inc 1998-2023. Herbert and Rev. Late 18th C. The domestic Staff of the Gnoll House. Cleanliness 4.3. On receipt of your enquiry our archivist will check the scan and advise you if the quality is good enough. At Crymlyn Burrows, an unlooped Bronze Age axe (c.1400 BC) was discovered.[8]. Large docks were formed here in 1861 and previous years, aided by 20,000 from . There are remains of ancient Iron Age hill forts on the hills in Briton Ferry at Warren Hill; above the town, they are found at Buarth-y-Gaer, Gaer Fawr, and Mynydd-y-Gaer alongside the boundary with Baglan. Baglan and Briton Ferry Photos 296,669,475 stock photos, 360 panoramic images, vectors and videos, Share Alamy images with your team and customers. Note the projection box - vertually a veranda Website hand-made by Frith, since 1998. Is there anyone who can supply me with information about this town and possibly some relatives? 1860. War Damage,Old Road,Briton Ferry,364: War Damage,Pendrill Street,Neath,367: WVS,Lorry(1940),Neath,358 : Old Neath and District in Pictures [Last Updated : 19 Sept 2002 - Gareth Hicks] Hide hide. Along with seventy objectors from Aberavon and district, these communities provided the country's strongest opposition to the war, despite the town's loss of 120 soldiers' lives during World War I. Media. [8] As a participant in the Swansea Bay City Deal, Neath-Port Talbot Council aims for a share in the project to future-proof at least 10,300 properties over five years by making low carbon, energy-efficient homes, with 7,000 retro-fitted to existing houses and 3,300 newly built.[18][17]. The industrial development attracted other railways, including the Neath and Brecon Railway, the Rhondda and Swansea Bay Railway, and the South Wales Mineral Railway[10] with its cable-powered incline. Value 4.3. historic maps, c1819, Briton Ferry firemen in former days [undated], A schooner and ketch at Neath Quay [undated], Early car belonging to Mr. Wesley Evans. Later the venue became popular for amateur operatic shows. [6] Beyond the ridge, the sands of Baglan Bay extended into Briton Ferry until the mid-nineteenth century when the estuarys saltings were developed for industry. RM D6PNHK - Swansea,UK. In order to capture the cinema scene of years gone by, we include below some photograph found on the Internet. J.H.P.Waring, A.E.I.Curtis, E.J.Hopes, J.B.Williams, H.W.Rice Evans, W.K.Owen, Send a personal message with a photo to anyone, anywhere. wharf, The old river bridge at Resolven. My grandfather was John Ambrose Thomas who shows up in the 1911 census. It was later demolished and became a garage owned by Neath Car Sales. Photo Prints Old Maps Sheet Maps Calendars Postcode Centred Photo Books Jigsaws Mugs Tableware Tea Towels Cushion Covers Gift Cards Wallpaper Gifts Gift Ideas Taylor, Peter Bendle, Albert Saunders, Isaac Reason, Hopkin Joseph, Ward Learn more about how you can collaborate with us. The growth of the town's metals industries at that time was accompanied by the growth of independent working-class representation and strong socialist, internationalist, and pacifist traditions. BRITON-FERRY, a village and a parish in Neath district, Glamorgan. Bomb damage in Pendrill St., Neath. [undated], The Eagle Tinplate Works, Melincryddan. Browse our selection of vintage and retro black & white photographs of Briton Ferry, along with old maps, local history books, and fascinating memories that our visitors have contributed. Evan Roberts, leading personality in the revival movement. Fear Davies with her Bile class at Ty Gwyn c1900, Rehoboth Chapel Choir, Briton Ferry in 1901, Harvest Festival at the Forward Mission Hall [undated] incl. See the Fear Davies, Mrs. Opening of the British restaurant at the rear of the Wesleyan Church by [7] A Neolithic stone is in place within the grounds of Cwrt Sart school. Jack Samuel (Ironmonger), The body of the Rev. Planting in the park is diverse and interesting, with an emphasis on evergreen trees and shrubs. Painting by Thomas Horner Sir S.T.Evans M.P. We will replace these with better copies IF any are sent to us. This ensures that the product you get shows the true quality that Frith photos are renowned for. A.Selward, W.P.Barry, J.S.Mill, J.E.Davies, G.A.Durford, P.W.Jones, R.T.Rees, Explore this photo album by Jeremy Jachimiak on Flickr! Louie Cornwell, Lionel Phillips, _ Anthony, Teddy Steer, Arthur Lewis, Neath scouts with US newspaper magnate R.H. Randolph Hearst. These The UKs leading archive and publisher of local photographs A Most Industrious Town: Briton Ferry and its people 1814-2014, Learn how and when to remove this template message, Cadw/ICOMOS Register of Parks and Gardens of Special Historic Interest in Wales, "West Glamorgan Archive Service: Briton Ferry Estate", "Industry award to honour docks pioneer's work", "The reliable Guide to the UK's Commercial Ports", photos of Briton Ferry and surrounding area,, Ports and harbours of the Bristol Channel, Registered historic parks and gardens in Neath Port Talbot, Wikipedia introduction cleanup from June 2022, Articles covered by WikiProject Wikify from June 2022, All articles covered by WikiProject Wikify, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles with unsourced statements from November 2020, Articles with unsourced statements from January 2020, Articles needing additional references from January 2020, All articles needing additional references, All articles with specifically marked weasel-worded phrases, Articles with specifically marked weasel-worded phrases from June 2020, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0, 5,911(2909 East ward and 3002 West ward) (2 Wards 2011), This page was last edited on 1 March 2023, at 10:48. Neath, c1910, Melias. They were built on land close to the River Neath and the South Wales Railway built by Isambard Kingdom Brunel. Despite over 20 years work on the archive, these scans have still not been individually checked and may prove to be damaged, faded, or not of sufficient quality to ever be offered in our full product range. the National Eisteddfod at Llanelli. Stanley Thomas. However, if you would particularly like to buy one of these Neath Churches - Three Quarters Class [undated], Group of workmen who prepared for the building of Resolven Mission Hall, Bethania Welsh Baptist Chapel, Resolven, Built 1875, Sunday School Class, Bethesda, Briton Ferry [undated], St.David's cricket team c1912. Neath Intermediate School Girls Cricket Team. A canal barge is noticeable [undated], Albion Steel workers leaving for a day trip to Porthcawl in a horse brake. Index of entries compiled by Brian Wagstaffe 1999, Volumes 2, 3, & 4 only are offered for lookups - Click here for the position with lookups, Copies of photographs can not be provided. The typical service pattern has been one train approximately every two hours in each direction, but Transport for Wales, which took over the Wales and Borders franchise in October 2018, intends to operate further services.[29]. The company went bankrupt and the Great Western Railway took over the docks[9] until they were closed in 1959. please get in touch Briton Ferry has junction J42, which is 184 miles (296km) from the motorway's eastern end and 15mi (24km) from its western at Pont Abraham. your memories of Briton Ferry itself or of a particular Many speakers visited the town at that time, including Bertrand Russell, Norman Angell, Keir Hardie, Ernest Bevin, Thomas Mann, E. D. Morel, Charlotte Despard, Emmeline[which? Eisteddfod. Since [14] The outer basin has potential use by fishing boats and yachts. flexible offerings for business. Skewen, Ticket for Tea at Navvy's Well Field, Briton Ferry. 1868. 153 (0.1% of our users have been here) Other visits. Construction of the first river bridge crossing took place from 19491955 and was one of the first large-scale road bridges to be constructed in Britain after World War II as part of the A48 Neath bypass road scheme. [undated]. Click or tap a photo or map to view a larger version. RM2FJE7YJ - Briton Ferry, Wales. Despite over 20 years work on the archive, these scans have still not been individually checked and may prove to be damaged, faded, or not of sufficient quality to ever be offered in our full product range. pinal county obituaries, saratoga county accident reports, bbc look east female presenters,

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